Pride Event Will Go on at Israeli University After All

Israeli School: 'Stupid' to Compare Pride to Pedophilia 

A university spokesman says he was 'stupid' for comparing homosexuality to pedophilia.

Neon Trees' Tyler Glenn: The Mormon Church 'Is Changing'

Neon Trees' Tyler Glenn: The Mormon Church 'Is Changing'

A year after coming out, the Neon Trees front man talks about fighting for LGBT equality within the Mormon Church and writing 'completely honest' music.

Franklin Graham Defends Wells Fargo Boycott, Says Bank Advocated Antibiblical 'Lifestyle'

Evangelist Franklin Graham Defends Antigay Boycott

Graham is also among the signatories to a new ad pledging to defy a pro-marriage equality ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court.

N.C. Officials Can Now Refuse Marriage Licenses to Same-Sex Couples

N.C. Magistrates Now Can Say No to Same-Sex Couples 

The legislature passes the discriminatory SB2 over the veto of the state's Republican governor.

Straight Couple Vows to Divorce in Protest if Australia Wins Marriage Equality

Straight Couple: Gay Marriage May 'Force' Us To Divorce

'Marriage is not a human invention,' explained Nick Jensen, who said he would be 'forced' to divorce by marriage equality.

Evangelical Franklin Graham Tired of Pro-LGBT Ads, Calls For Boycott of Businesses

Call for Christians to Boycott Pro-LGBT Biz

Franklin Graham says this boycott will fight the "moral decay" of this country.

WATCH: Lawyer Defending 'Conversion Therapy' Equates Gays to Satan

Lawyer Defending 'Conversion Therapy' Equates Gays to Satan

Discussing LGBT rights, attorney Charles LiMandri says 'Satan does frequently overplay his hand.'

Evangelical Leader Calls on Church to 'Fully Accept' Gay Couples After Years of Hesitation

Evangelical Leader: We Must 'Fully Accept' Gay Couples 

Tony Campolo now compares excluding gay couples to other evangelical 'mistakes,' like supporting slavery and banning women from teaching roles.

WATCH: North Carolina Set to Give Clerks 'License to Discriminate'

WATCH: N.C. Set to Give Clerks 'License to Discriminate' 

Despite the Governor's veto, North Carolina lawmakers continue to advance a bill that would let judges and clerks refuse to perform same-sex marriages.

Ark. Senator's Tirade: Reschedule Pride Because It's 'Offensive to Christians'

Arkansas Lawmaker: Pride 'Offensive to Christians'

In a Facebook rant, a Republican state senator claims his Arkansas town's long-standing Pride Parade is held on Sunday specifically to 'intimidate' Christians.

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