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Appeal Planned in Dharun Ravi Case

Appeal Planned in Dharun Ravi Case

Prosecutors plan to appeal the 30-day jail sentence issued to Dharun Ravi, the former Rutgers University student who spied on his roommate Tyler Clementi before the gay teen took his own life.

Gay Student May Wear T-shirt to School

Gay Student May Wear T-shirt to School

A gay Ohio teen barred from wearing a t-shirt saying “Jesus Is Not A Homophobe” to school will be allowed to wear the item following the settlement of a lawsuit.

Activists Say TV Debate Was Game Changer for Marriage in Australia

WATCH: The TV Moment That Activists Call a Game-Changer

An honest moment from a TV news show is being shared online, spiking traffic to LGBT websites, and activists say it could be the game changer needed to bring marriage equality to Australia. Finance Minister Penny Wong, a lesbian who is known for her direct answers, appeared alongside treasurer Joe Hockey on Q&A. An audience member asked Hockey why he opposes same-sex marriage. He said it's because he's a parent and wants the "very best" for them.

Michigan Lawmakers Refuse to Sign Award for Lesbian

Mich. Lawmakers Won't Sign Award for Lesbian

A lesbian who was supposed to get one of the Kalamazoo YWCA's annual "Women of Achievement" awards got slighted Thursday, and now LGBT rights leaders want to know what happened.

Malawi President Wants to Decriminalize Being Gay

Malawi's President Wants to Scrap Antigay Laws

Malawi's President Wants to Decriminalize Being Gay

Nancy Pelosi Calls Republican Proposal on Military Chaplains a Fraud

Pelosi Calls Antigay GOP Proposal 'Fraud'

Nancy Pelosi had strong words for a Republican proposal to protect military chaplains from performing same-sex weddings, calling the whole idea a "fraud." "There’s nothing that says that chaplains act against their faith," the House Minority Leader said during a news conference Thursday, objecting to the suggestion from a reporter for a right-wing news site, CNSNews.com, that they needed a conscience clause. “But by ordering the chaplains that don’t believe in performing same-sex marriages," the reporter followed up, "by ordering them to do that, do you think that is —”

Protecting LGBT Refugees from Violence

Protecting LGBT Refugees from Violence

Through the lens of two East African countries where anti-LGBT discrimination is pervasive, a new report by Human Rights First lays the groundwork for aiding vulnerable gay and transgender refugees.

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