Florida Couple Becomes First Gay Married Pair Granted Greencard

The men will be the first to take advantage of the Supreme Court dumping DOMA this week.



Two men from Florida are the first binational, married, same-sex couple granted a greencard in the wake of DOMA's death this week.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday narrowly threw out the Defense of Marriage Act, which amongst its many injuries, made it impossible for those who marry a foreign-born same-sex person from sponsoring their spouse for a greencard (the reason: DOMA demanded the federal government not recognize state-sanctioned gay marriages). Two days later, a male couple from Florida, who married in a state or country where same-sex nuptials are recognized, benefited from SCOTUS's decision, according to immigration attorney Lavi Soloway. The couple has not yet been identified by name.

Soloway worked with The DOMA Project to ensure the men were able to stay in the United States, reports Steve Rothaus of the Miami Herald.


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