Aug Sept 2016
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Kobe Bryant Scolds Fan for Using 'Gay' As An Insult

Kobe Bryant Scolds Fan for Using 'Gay' As An Insult

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant scolded a fan on Twitter for using "gay" as an insult early Monday morning.

Bryant, who was issued a $100,000 fine for using an antigay slur on the basketball court in 2011, intervened when two fans were debating basketball and one of them used the word "gay" to slam a player.

That fan's tweet has since been deleted, according to The Huffington Post, but Bryant countered, "Just letting you know ... that using 'your gay' as a way to put someone down ain't ok! #notcool delete that out ur vocab."

The fan then said Bryant "just made a big deal over a joke that meant no harm." When another fan brought up Bryant calling a referee a "f---ing faggot" in 2011 after receiving a technical foul, Bryant repsonded, "That wasn't cool, and was ignorant on my part. I own it and learn from it and expect the same from others."

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