15 of the Most Hateful Tweets About NFL Hopeful Michael Sam Coming Out

Antigay bigots flocked to Twitter to spew hate after NFL hopeful Michael Sam revealed he is gay.



Moments after college football star Michael Sam, a defensive lineman for the University of Missouri, came out as gay in a New York Times article, thousands of supporters flocked to Twitter to congratulate the brave athlete. Among those who commended the NFL hopeful’s decision to publicly reveal his orientation was out NBA player Jason Collins, who tweeted, “I can't wait to cheer for whatever lucky team that drafts @mikesamfootball. Personally I hope he goes to my favorite team. The @Colts.”

However, not everyone applauded Sam’s bravery. Several antigay bigots decided to hide behind the safety of their keyboard and spew messages of hate at the groundbreaking college football star. Below are 15 of the most vile, homophobic messages that hit the Twitterverse in response to Sam’s decision to kick down the closet door and live his life honestly.

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