2014's Gayest Cities in America

The most LGBT-friendly places in America, according to our ever-rotating criteria, are some of what you expect, and a lot of what you don’t.



4. Cambridge, Mass. (pop. 106,471)
Though the city is the little sibling to much bigger Boston, Cambridge’s own queer cred is substantial: The city council enacted antidiscrimination protections for transgender people in 1997, and one of the council’s current members, E. Denise Simmons, was the nation’s first African-American lesbian mayor. Disco dance hall ZuZu (Zuzubar.com) has tons of club nights, including Zuesday’s queer dance party, and the Paradise bar (ParadiseCambridge.com) has hot male dancers six nights a week. And on the seventh day they rested.

Above right: E. Denise Simmons