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TLC Bringing Duggars Back to TV For Child Sex Abuse Documentary

TLC Bringing Duggars Back to TV For Child Sex Abuse Documentary

For an upcoming documentary special regarding child sex abuse, TLC is bringing back two of the Duggar family’s 19 kids and apparently not counting on any more.

Jessa and Jill Duggar are sisters to Josh, who resigned from the antigay Family Research Council in May amid allegations he had molested at least one of them and four other girls. Duggar, 27, admitted he had “acted inexcusably” in 2002-2003. Although he was investigated, he was never charged with a crime. 

Their father, Jim Bob Duggar, told Fox News Josh was not a pedophile since he was only a teenager at the time. 

TLC canceled the family’s top-rated reality series, 19 Kids And Counting, last month under increasing public pressure as a result of the scandal. 

Breaking the Silence, the one-hour documentary featuring the Duggar sisters and others, is described by TLC in a press release as “an effort to promote education, raise awareness, and advance the conversation on this important matter." 

The release also states it “is built around the personal and emotional stories of brave survivors who have found the courage to come forward."

Perez Hilton reported on his blog that the special will air commercial-free, meaning TLC will earn no money from sponsors for that hour of programming. But the network — and the Duggars — could win big ratings that would at least give the family bragging rights about their continued popularity and maybe earn them an opportunity to do more reality television.

Breaking the Silence airs on TLC August 30. 

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