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Easy Abby Celebrates Female Pleasure

Easy Abby Celebrates Female Pleasure

Easy Abbey

Consider the vast variety of orgasms with this clip from Easy Abby season 2. 

Wendy Jo Carlton created the wildly popular web series Easy Abby, which garnered millions of views for season 1. Now she's back with a new season and a new Abby. She gave The Advocate a taste of who Abby is, what she wants, and why discussing diverse orgasms is important.

"Abby is a mostly confident, often cynical woman who unapologetically enjoys romance, seduction, and sex with other women. She is not a sex addict, nor is she interested in finding 'the one.' I wanted to create a female protagonist who knows how to please herself, emotionally and physically, and whose relationship goals aren't dictated by others' expectations.

"In this scene, Abby is the most relaxed she has been in a couple months, after having sex with Alicia, whom she just met when Abby visited her manic-depressive mom at the psychiatric hospital. Throughout season 2, Alicia takes advantage of Abby's temporary vulnerability and ingratiates herself into Abby's life.

"For this particular episode, I wanted to delve into female orgasm and the diverse, case-by-case experience of it. It's rarely discussed in our culture, although female characters having one is often used to show the prowess of a male lover. Growing up in America, male orgasm and ejaculation anecdotes and visual references were common. Even now there is an absence of information about, let alone celebration of, female orgasm and pleasure. And I think feeling really good in spite of living in an oppressive culture is an expression of defiance and an affirmation of human joy. Abby is like the Johnny Appleseed of lesbian orgasms."

"When I cast Tuckie White to play Alicia, I had no idea that she knew Keight Leighn (new Abby) in college in Chicago! So they already had familiarity and affection for one another, which helps when shooting a love scene. I wanted to convey strong physical chemistry between them and a sense of playfulness, which I think is a turn-on, and the sense that Alicia is far more enthusiastic about Abby than Abby is about her."

Watch Easy Abby season 2 here.

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