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Artist Spotlight: Marc Ohrem-Leclef

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As I immerse myself in their element, I gain a deeper understanding of the choreography they move to, both emotionally and physically. Whether that choreography is drawn by tradition or a certain work flow, I attempt to remain a respectful observer; attentive to the moments when a facade (the pressure of a certain role they play within their community), falls off my subjects and I can reveal an ambiguity, vulnerability and tenderness — youth instead of manhood, worship instead of fight, beauty beyond of where it manifests itself in immediate physicality.

It is those unexpected moments that I hope to reveal.

I believe that these fleeting moments of suspense, before a tipping point is reached, tell a more nuanced story than moments of resolution.
— Marc Ohrem-Leclef

For more information on Ohrem-Leclef and his work check his Web site.


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