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Artist Spotlight: Cobi Moules

Driven by the desire for adventure and discovery, Cobi Moules set out across America not only to explore the country's natural beauty and diversity but also to reflect upon his position within it. Moules's study of the grand American landscape quickly conjures up images and iconography from a variety of historical landscape paintings, most notably mid-19th-century American landscape paintings.
Loosely utilizing the Hudson River School as a visual point of departure, Moules metaphorically utilizes the landscape as a stand-in for his own Christian upbringing. "Bois Just Wanna Have Fun" is a synthesis of wanderlust and raison d'être, where he creates a fantasy world in which only he exists.

Moules says, "I see a number of ideological links between their [Hudson River School] works and a specific current American Christian culture that was an integral part of my formative years; particularly in regards to ideas of purity and the honor of sacrificing one's selfhood for the glory of God. As a queer and transgender person, I seek to renegotiate my relationship with this upbringing and the act of being told I am 'unnatural' through such a pointed Christian lens."

"Bois Just Wanna Have Fun"
October 10 – November 9, 2013
Lyons Wier Gallery
542 W. 24th St., New York, NY 10011

2012 MOULES Avalanche Lakex633 0

Avalanche Lake, 2012

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