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The Gay Men Project

The idea behind the Gay Men Project is quite simple. For the past two years Kevin Truong has traveled to cities across the world and photographed as many gay men as he can. So far he's photographed nearly 400 men, in 15 cities, seven countries, and four continents. He then asks each man to write down his story. He publishes all of these photos, along with the personal testimonials of each individual, at Below and on the following pages are some examples from the collection that include excerpted quotes from the subjects. If you want to support Kevin's project, go to its Kickstarter page.


Joao Beach X633 0

João Victor, Engineer, Rio De Janeiro
João, in his own words: “I had my sexuality stamped on me by other people when I didn’t even had traces of some kind of sexual drive. When I first noticed that I was different from the other boys, when I finally understood the looks, the giggles, the bullying, I had nothing to do but to deny to myself who I was and do my best to fit in that world that I had been told that I didn’t belong to."


Edu 2 X633 0

Edu, Quality Assurance Test Leader, São Paulo
Edu, in his own words: “I think being gay is just a part of my personality, but it is not the main thing about me. I think either gay or straight, I would be looking for the same things. You know, I’m a human being who wants to be loved, to grow, to experiment things, and so on."


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