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Million Moms Facebook Post Draws Unsolicited Praise for DC's Gay Green Lantern

Million Moms Facebook Post Draws Unsolicited Praise for DC's Gay Green Lantern


The antigay group's Facebook post about the gay superhero was taken down, apparently because it generated many pro-gay comments.

The right-wing group One Million Moms has deleted a Facebook post linked to news about DC Comics reintroducing the original Green Lantern as a gay superhero -- apparently because the post drew many pro-gay comments. (See a screen shot of the post at the bottom of the story.)

David Badash reports at The New Civil Rights Movement that he saw the post this morning, featuring a "warning" with a link to an ABC news story about Green Lantern. It received comments such as "Way to go, DC!" and "Looks like I'm gonna go buy some new Green Lantern memorabilia from JC Penney!" -- the latter having also been the target of One Million Moms' ire. Now long afterward, many of the comments had been deleted, and eventually the entire post vanished.

"It appears that the administrator of the One Million Moms Facebook page attempted to delete the positive comments, then simply deleted the entire post," Badash writes. He concludes, "It's great to know that One Million Moms is aware they are not popular and their views are not shared by the vast majority of people around the world."

One Million Moms, which has nowhere near that many members, is a project of the American Family Association, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has classified as a hate group because of the damaging misinformation is spreads about LGBT people. It has undertaken campaigns, ultimately unsuccessful, against JC Penney for employing Ellen DeGeneres as its spokeswoman and against comic books with positive gay characters.

For The Advocate's interview with Green Lantern writer James Robinson, click here.


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