Eminem fears being killed by crazed fan

The Scottish Daily Record reports that the greatest fear of controversial rapper Eminem (real name: Marshall Mathers III) is that he will be gunned down while onstage. His latest hit, “Stan,” is about an obsessed fan. Mathers was recently made aware of a Web site for gay men torn between fantasies of having sex with Eminem and killing him. “It’s hilarious [that] people think I’m homophobic,” Mathers says. “Elton [John] gets where I’m coming from. I’m what America made me.” America notwithstanding, it turns out that in London a new Eminem doll won’t be sold in the Woolworth chain, the United Kingdom’s largest toy retailer, according to Reuters. The doll, which features the singer’s trademark tattoos and the words Cut here stylishly accessorizing the neck, was deemed inappropriate for children. Woolworth spokeswoman Nicola Lander announced, “We were offered the Eminem doll but decided not to stock it. The visual impact didn’t fit with our family environment, and having it around a Barbie doll, for example, didn’t feel right.” Woolworth will, however, continue to stock albums by the artist since they are aimed at older shoppers and are not considered visually controversial.

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