In the Life faces censorship over footage provided by Bush AIDS official

Excerpts from a videotape produced by a group headed by an appointee to the Presidential AIDS Council that featured in the October installment of In the Life have been flagged as potential violations of the FCC's indecency standards. Local PBS stations have been cautioned by American Public Television to contact their legal departments before airing October's In the Life due to material provided by Joe McIlhaney, MD, that is presented in the segment "By the Book." Directed by George Ratliff (Hell House, Plutonium Circus), "By the Book" features a line drawing that demonstrates how to do a self-exam for breast cancer as well excerpts from a videotape promoting abstinence and discussing condom use, all of which were provided by McIlhaney's Medican Institute for Sexual Health, which provides pro-abstinence resources that are used in every state in the union and 40 foreign countries. Because of the content of the video, APT has suggested that stations air In the Life after 10 p.m. For listings of stations that present In the Life, visit

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