U.K. TV drama to
feature Princess Margaret in a lesbian kiss

A U.K. television
channel said Thursday it plans to screen what it calls
a "factually accurate" television drama that depicts Queen
Elizabeth II's younger sister, Princess Margaret, having sex
and taking drugs. Channel 4 described The Queen's
as "a witty and irreverent royal romp." One
scene features the princess in a lesbian kiss, while
another shows her smoking a "strange cigarette" at a
party, the channel said. "I think some people will
find it quite arresting and challenging," said Channel
4's director of television, Kevin Lygo. "It's factually
accurate, and it's a racy romp."

Princess Margaret, who died in February 2002 at age 71,
added a dash of cosmopolitan glamour to the royal family's
staid image. Her life was overshadowed by her youthful
romance with Royal Air Force group captain Peter
Townsend, a dashing—but divorced—hero of the
Battle of Britain. At the time it was considered
unthinkable that the queen's sister would marry a
divorced man, and in 1955 Princess Margaret announced
she would not wed Townsend. Margaret went on to marry the
Earl of Snowdon, but the couple divorced in 1978,
making Margaret the first divorcee in the queen's
immediate family.

Lygo said the
drama captured Princess Margaret "in the late '50s and
early '60s when she was absolutely the most glamorous public
female figure, in a Diana-like way in her own era, and
then it all went a bit wrong." Francis Hopkinson,
Channel 4's senior commissioning editor for drama,
said the program "shows the excesses of hedonism" but
"wasn't intended as an exposé." He said it was based on
interviews and research from existing sources. Channel 4
said it planned to broadcast the program in late
November. (AP)

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