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13 Unforgettable Films and Shows About Queer Prison Life

13 Unforgettable Films And Shows About Queer Prison Life X968 0
While Orange Is the New Black — Netflix's prison drama with a bisexual protagonist and several other LGBT characters — is loved by critics and audiences alike, most prison-themed entertainment has treated LGBT characters unevenly at best. For every Kiss of the Spider-Woman, there's a Girls in Prison. So while some films and shows have depicted what life is really like behind bars, others have just played to salacious fantasies. Of course, that doesn't mean we can't still love them. WARNING: Many of these trailers are NSFW, including their default images. (Above: Brad Davis in Midnight Express)


Locked Up

This racy prison film, released in 2004, follows the story of a new inmate named Dennis and an older one named Mike, who must face angry prison officials and fellow inmates who violently object to their budding romance.


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