Kristen Johnston Fights Off the Advances of Dot-Marie Jones

Kristen Johnston Fights Off the Advances of Dot-Marie Jones

If you're not already a devotee of The Exes, the relentlessly witty Kristen Johnston-headlined sitcom, tonight's lesbian-themed episode, "Sister Act," with guest stars Judith Light and Dot-Marie Jones should make you a permanent fan.

Johnston stars as Holly, an eternally single spitfire who creates a surrogate family with her tenants, fussy metrosexual Stuart (David Alan Basche), womanizing Phil (Donald Faison), and cynical Haskell (Wayne Knight). The unlikely bond between the mismatched four is likely why the show has resonated so strongly with viewers.

Light, a longtime ally for equality, thinks the reason for the show's appeal for LGBT viewers is clear. "It's partly because this is a made family, not a blood family," she tells The Advocate. "And for all intents and purposes, I think that’s what the LGBT community has done. They have made their own families. You have structured family, not of blood but of connection and understanding and choice. By choice, and that’s a very different family, and I think that’s why it resonates with people ."

Light makes her second guest appearance in the show, playing Johnston's controlling mother. The two Emmy Award-winning actresses love working together. "Oh, I just adore her," Light reveals. "She’s so bright, and she has such great ideas and she really understands comedy and she really understands character."

In "Sister Act," Johnston and her pals visit a lesbian bar, where she attracts the amorous advances of a patron played by Glee Emmy nominee Jones, who says she jumped at the opportunity to appear on the show. "Kristen is brilliant," Jones says. "I've loved her since Third Rock from the Sun. Our scene together is really funny."

Watch a sneak peek of the episode, which airs tonight on TV Land at 10:30 Eastern/Pacific, below.

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