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Utah Theater Responds to Homophobic Patron

Utah Theater Responds to Homophobic Patron

A loyal subscriber has written a letter of complaint after not being warned about a kiss between two male characters in Pioneer Theatre Company's production of Deathtrap, Ira Levin's 1978 murder mystery.

The woman wrote that she was "disgusted and infuriated" by the play's "brazen homosexual content," particularly because she brought her teenage son to the show. She added that the theater's failure to provide notice of the "repulsive" kiss was "irresponsible and negligent."

After giving the subscriber a refund, the Salt Lake City theater company posted the letter anonymously on its Facebook page along with its letter of response.

Pioneer Theatre Company managing director Chris Lino, who chose not to mention the kiss in the production's content advisory so as to avoid spoiling a major plot point, questioned why the woman found a same-sex kiss more morally offensive than the play's depiction of a murder.

"The theater company is used to fielding a handful of complaints about the content in contemporary plays, and it’s also not unusual for a handful of patrons to walk out at a show’s intermission," notes The Salt Lake Tribune.

Read the full letter of complaint and the theater's response on the next page.


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