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New Ad Another Example That Target Is Looking Pro-Gay These Days

New Ad Another Example That Target Is Looking Pro-Gay These Days

While Chick-fil-A gets hammered for its vocal and financial opposition to marriage equality, the question of whether a boycott makes a difference is inevitably resurrected.

And as evidence that companies change in response to their customers (if not because of a boycott by some directly), a fairly new advertisement from Target stores deserves attention. It shows two grooms embracing with the caption, "That's Love." And it's being praised by LGBT bloggers.

"Target’s Same-Sex Wedding Registry Ad Is Kinda Awesome," was the headline on The New Civil Rights Movement.

"Clearly Target's trying to send us a message," wrote Instinct magazine. "And we're receiving it loud and clear."

After being widely criticized by LGBT activists for donating to antigay candidates and political groups in 2010, the store's CEO was confronted repeatedly during a shareholders meeting and pledged to remain neutral in the marriage equality debate raging in the company's home state of Minnesota.

But since then it's issued an It Gets Better, sold T-shirts honoring pride month that benefitted the Family Equality Council, and started selling inclusive greeting cards you can give to a same-sex couple getting married.

While we couldn't locate the ad on Target's website, The New Civil Rights Movement reports that the wedding registry ad was released in June but is only now getting attention. Similar ads with the "Be Yourself, Together" tagline show straight couples.

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