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What Do Straight People Think This Gay Slang Means?


Slang terms like “fruit fly,” “otter,” and “size queen” are regular mainstays in the casual, everyday vocabulary of many LGBT people, but for a lot of straight people, that isn’t always the case. And a recently released viral video proves it. 

The folks over at the popular women’s interest and entertainment website Bustle wanted to see how many gay slang terms straight people knew off the top of their heads, and as expected, the results were hilarious and informative.

“I think a ‘fruit fly’ would be someone who hovers constantly around you, like an annoying little fly,” one woman said when asked if she knew what the definition of the term was for a straight woman who hangs out almost exclusively with gay men.

“When you’re super gay, the gayest of all gays, you get the ‘gold star,’” another woman answered when asked about the slang term “gold star,” used to describe a lesbian who has never had intercourse with a man or a gay man who has never had intercourse with a woman. 

Watch Bustle help straight people expand their gay vocabularies in the video below. How many of these terms do you know?

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