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Rush Limbaugh Inspires 'Lesbian Farmer' Musical Tribute


America's favorite conservative radio show host, Rush Limbaugh, made waves last week by claiming the Obama administration sought to recruit lesbian farmers to rural areas and characterizing it as an attack on conservative parts of the country.

On his radio show he criticized a Department of Agriculture LGBT outreach program, saying:

"Here comes the Obama regime with a bunch of federal money and they’re waving it around, and all you gotta do to get it is be a lesbian and want to be a farmer and they’ll set you up.  I’m like you; I never before in my life knew that lesbians wanted to be farmers."

“I never knew that lesbians wanted to get behind the horse and the plow and start burrowing. I never knew it. ... The objective here is to attack rural states."

Limbaugh's comments inspired Kathryn Lounsbery to create a musical-theater tribute to the art of lesbian farming, a time-honored tradition. See her perform a medley of songs below.

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