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After Endless Mockery, 'Straight Pride' Badges Banned From Amazon

Straight Pride Pin

Amazon has removed "Straight Heterosexual Pride Wavy Gold Plated Flag Pin Badge" from its digital store, but not before Twitter had a field day with the concept. The product, which was marketed by 1000 Flags, sold for $8 each. The brand, whose other products include a "Straight Ally Pride Rainbow LGBT Flag Pin Badge"' to "Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Wedding Engagement Large Hand Waving Courtesy Flag"' maintains that the straight pride badge was not meant to offend the LGBT community.

“We were asked for a pink triangle badge numerous times by our LGBT customers and they continue to purchase these alongside our extensive range of LGBT Pin Badges," 1000 Flags director Mark Horler told NewsweekThe pink triangle, used by Nazis to mark LGBT prisoners at concentration camps, has been reclaimed by some in modern times. “In no way were either badge produced as an anti-LGBT item and we take offense with that suggestion. These are not hate symbols. Our extensive range of LGBT flags, Pin Badges, and Embroidered patches has helped spread LGBT pride across the world,” Horler added.

However, internet users had a few comments of their own.


The badge might be gone, but the Twitter jabs remain.

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