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Man Charged in Hate Crime Believed Gay Man's Home Held Demons

Daniel McGee

A Springfield, Ore., man has been charged with a federal hate crime in an assault that left a gay man with life-threatening injuries.

The suspect, Daniel Andrew McGee, told police he sought the gay man out because he believed there would be demons in the latter’s apartment, and McGee had had nightmares directing him to kill the man, The Oregonian reports. McGee was arrested Monday by the FBI.

McGee met the victim on Grindr, according to a press release from the U.S. Department of Justice. After they exchanged messages on Snapchat, they agreed to meet at the victim’s home in Eugene, Ore., July 5. Once there, McGee struck the other man on the head with a wooden club for several minutes while the victim begged him to stop, the DOJ’s criminal complaint charges.  

The victim had multiple cuts on his head and lost a large portion of his scalp, The Oregonian reports. He was treated at a local hospital for what the complaint termed life-threatening injuries.

McGee had brought other weapons and supplies with him, according to the outlet. The victim found a bag in his apartment containing knives, a cleaning solution, a portable vacuum cleaner, and a roll of trash bags.

A search of McGee’s internet usage found that he had researched antigay attacks and downloaded videos of them, and he had looked into “how to get away with murder and how murderers avoid getting caught,” the DOJ press release notes.

McGee’s father told police he had been concerned about his son’s mental health, as McGee hadn’t been taking his medication consistently, The Oregonian reports.

The father also said he didn’t realize McGee, who the father said has autism, had left the house on the day of the attack.

A magistrate judge issued an order Monday night saying McGee must remain jailed “as a danger to the community and a risk of fleeing if released, noting the nature of the accusations, his possession of a weapon, his alleged violent behavior and mental health issues,” according to The Oregonian.

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