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The Advocate is a leading source on LGBT families. Read the latest news and studies that pertain to gay parenting. Follow government policies and research in areas like adoption, surrogacy, coming out, marriage equality, transgender rights, and other issues that affect children and their families in the United States and around the world. Learn tips for better parenting, financial family planning, and raising children in an age of bullying and cyber-bullying. Learn about safety, schools, and how gay and lesbian moms and dads can raise healthy and happy kids in the world today.

Speaker Mike Johnson Once Tried to Stop a Queer Woman From Adopting Her Wife's Child

Johnson worked on several cases opposing LGBTQ+ rights while he was a private attorney.

Queer Families, Foster Youth Celebrated at Extraordinary Families Gala

The foster/adoption agency celebrated its 30th anniversary with an event hosted by Carson Kressley that honored out TV legend Paris Barclay and featured a surprise appearance by Pedro Pascal.

15 Photos of What Gay Fatherhood Looks Like

Dads is a journey into queer fatherhood in the U.S. More than 40 families are portrayed by Belgian photographer Bart Heynen.

Without Self-Respect, There Is No Pride

Reflecting on what the word "pride" truly means during an era of hate.

More Than 50 of Our Favorite LGBTQ+ Moms

Our community's out moms could use some more visibility — and a big thank you too.

Kids of Queer Parents Are Alright, Sometimes Even Better: Study

That's the conclusion of new published research, which reviewed previous studies on sexual minority parents.

LGBTQ+ Poverty Dropped During Pandemic, Except Among This Group

The drop is likely a result of government stimulus programs and affected nearly all LGBTQ+ communities.

Rebel Wilson Announces Birth of Child, Shares Adorable Photo

The out actress thanked everyone involved in the birth.

Families With Trans Kids Are Fleeing Hostile States for Welcoming Ones

Anti-trans moves by politicians in Texas, Alabama, and elsewhere are leading families to seek friendlier locales.

Chasten Buttigieg Claps Back at Lauren Boebert's Antigay Ways Again

After she tweeted about the importance of fathers, Buttigieg noted that she has shown no love to gay dads such as himself and his husband.

New Suit Filed to Stop Texas Probes of Trans-Supportive Families

In one of the families who sued, a trans teen attempted suicide after the governor ordered "child abuse" investigations of affirming parents.

The Startling Impact of Family Acceptance on AAPI LGBTQ+ Youth

Parental acceptance of queer Asian and Pacific Islander children can be life-saving.

Gay Dads and Kids Harassed, Called Pedophiles on Amtrak

The fellow passenger told the men's son, "They stole you and they're pedophiles."

Texas Social Workers Quit Over Abbott's Anti-Trans Investigative Order

Employees with the Department of Family and Protective Services are choosing to leave rather than investigate trans kids' supportive parents for child abuse.

LGBTQ+ History Makers Are Spotlighted in New Milestones Series

Leaders in the LGBTQ+ community describe their journey to pursuing financial freedom. 

Ava DuVernay Highlights the Beauty of Diverse, Queer Families

The esteemed director's unscripted show, Home Sweet Home, accentuates understanding over aggression -- and pulls it off without being treacly.

Lawsuit: Aetna Fertility Coverage Is an 'Illegal Tax on LGBTQ+ People'

A New York woman says she was forced to spend $45,000 because of the discriminatory policy.