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Bigoted Christian Goes Undercover as Gay Man in Exclusive Film Clip

New Film Explores "Why Does God Hate Gay People?"

A new film, At the End of the Day, explores the transformational journey of an antigay Christian professor.

The new feature film At the End of the Day follows the journey of an antigay professor encountering the LGBTQ community for the first time and being forced to confront his prejudice.

After losing his wife and counseling practice, the only thing 32-year-old Dave Hopper has going for himself is his part-time professorship at his alma mater, a growing Christian college. Here he teaches that homosexuality is a sin and a choice. The dean who got Hopper the job wants to expand onto a property that has been promised to an LGBTQ group that plans to build a shelter for homeless youth.

The dean pressures Hopper to go undercover as a gay man and infiltrate the group to stop it from raising the funds it needs to build a shelter. Hopper reluctantly agrees and dons the persona of a person he has taught others to hate. It's in the group that he finally meets face-to-face with people he's been preaching against his entire career and must confront all his preconceptions about them. Through this highly unorthodox experience, he takes an emotional and eye-opening journey toward a new understanding of love.

In the clip below, a gay student asks Hopper "Why does God hate gay people?" and he answers.

At the End of the Day,directed by Kevin O'Brien and written by him with Phil Grimes, is now available online.

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