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Allison Williams and Logan Browning's Gay Chemistry Is Perfection

Allison Williams and Logan Browning's Gay Chemistry Is 'Perfection'

The stars of new Netflix thriller The Perfection, about cello prodigies with a dark past, talk about the chemistry between their characters.

The new horror thriller The Perfection on Netflix stars Allison Williams and Logan Browning as cellists and prodigies who share a deep affinity for the other's talents on and off their instruments, as they meet at an event and their chemistry is immediate, electric, and very queer.

Williams (Girls, Get Out) plays Charlotte, a classical cellist who appears to have stopped playing when her mother fell ill, and Browning (Dear White People) is Lizzie, the young woman who's become the toast of the classical music world.

While the movie, directed by Richard Shepard, hasn't been promoted as queer, it loses no time diving into the desire between the women, who also share a mentor (Steven Weber) and a dark past.

"They meet, and there's a chemistry there that's maybe unexpected to both of them, and then they just follow their gut," Williams told The Advocate's Tracy E. Gilchrist, who sat down with Williams and Browning to chat about why they were drawn to the movie and just how deeply gay it is.

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