AIDS decreases life expectancy, populations in Uganda and South Africa

Life expectancy in Uganda has plummeted because of AIDS, with the average life expectancy at only 41.9 years, according to new data from Population Action International. The drop is attributed largely to high numbers of infants born HIV-positive as well as high death rates among those orphaned by AIDS. A similar study by the University of South Africa's Bureau of Market Research projects that the population of South Africa will be reduced by 12 million people by 2015 due to AIDS. The study projected that without AIDS, South Africa's population would have been about 61 million in 2015, but instead will be less than 49 million because of the epidemic. Life expectancy in the country also is expected to be reduced, particularly in two provinces hit hard by the disease. In KwaZulu-Natal province, life expectancy is projected to be just 33 years by 2010, while in Mpumalanga life expectancy is expected to be 34 years.

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