Brazil nears deal
on anti-HIV drugs

Brazil says it is
nearing a deal with the U.S. pharmaceutical firm Abbott
Laboratories that would cut nearly in half what the nation
pays for the anti-HIV drug Kaletra. "There are just a
few differences in the text of the accord that still
need to be ironed out," health minister Jose Saraiva
Felipe said at an AIDS seminar in Sao Paolo, adding that he
expected a deal to be signed within "48 hours." Brazil
currently pays $1.17 a pill for Kaletra: The bill for
the drug amounts to nearly one third of the country's
total annual budget for antiretrovirals. After months
of negotiations, Abbott agreed to sell Kaletra for 63 cents
per pill, the minister said, with the price ultimately
dropping to 59 cents. The new deal would take effect
in February. (Reuters)

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