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Kim Davis' Gay Friend Finds Her Embarrassing

Kim Davis' Gay Friend Finds Her Embarrassing

Kim Davis

The Kentucky clerk who denied marriage licenses to same-sex couples is also blaming the governor for her legal troubles.

Kim Davis is a disappointment to her gay friend, according to The Daily Beast, which tracked down an interview after the embattled Kentucky clerk brought up her gay friends in a national TV interview.

Dallas Black told The Daily Beast he doesn't even recognize her. On ABC's Good Morning America, Davis said she denied her own gay friends a marriage license. "I somewhat feel like she is taking this to an extreme because she didn't become a Christian until four years ago," Black said regarding the "media fiasco" she inspired.

Davis, who the Associated Press reports now blames the Kentucky governor for her legal troubles, was jailed after she refused to issue marriage licenses to couples following the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of marriage equality.

On Thursday, Davis filed a 40-page lawsuit against Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear that the AP reports accuses the governor of violating her religious freedom because he refused to exempt religious clerks from issuing same-sex marriage licenses. When Beshear sent letters to clerks directing them to honor the June U.S. Supreme Court decision recognizing same-sex marriage, the governor is accused of having "commandeered" county clerk's offices and "usurped control of Kentucky marriage law," the Associated Press reported.

Dallas Black

For his part, Black said he tolerates Davis' views but told The Daily Beast he was surprised at just how hard she had fought against same-sex marriage.

"Kim Davis has become the face of Morehead, and that's not the face we want to portray," Black said, explaining that his town was known for its progressive stance on LGBT issues, passing an ordinance preventing discrimination in 2013.

"And now it's like, what is this place we live in? This is not the home we know," Black told the media outlet. "We don't feel safe now. That's ultimately what she did. She made us feel like our home was invaded by strangers, and she made us strangers to it."

Since her release from jail, Davis, who is paid $80,000 per year for her services, has been involved in high jinks such as altering marriage licenses to remove her name and office title, leaving the space on the license normally signed by a clerk to be signed by a notary public. She has also left the issuing of licenses up to her deputies as The Advocate previously reported.

Though Black has said he would remain friends with Davis despite her actions, he told The Daily Beast she would not be on his wedding guest list.

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