Watch Don Lemon's Unforgettable Monologue Excoriating Racist Trump

Don Lemon

After President Trump proved once again that he thinks people of color are less than by calling Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations "shitholes," CNN journalist Don Lemon refused to dance around the subject.

"This is CNN Tonight. I'm Don Lemon. The president of the United States is racist," Lemon memorably stated blankly.

Lemon expressed his unsurprised disgust at Trump, reiterating his numerous racist statements and actions, from calling Mexicans "rapists" to defending neo-Nazis in Charlottesville to saying all Haitians have AIDS.

"For years I and others have been trying to tell you, the American people, this man was exhibiting bigoted behavior. I asked him about it a number of times and he denied it but kept up the racist rhetoric and behavior throughout the campaign and now that he's in the White House. His supporters made excuses and continue to make excuses for him ... how many examples do you need of this?

"But he is a racist. And for all of you who over the last few years who have uttered that tired, lazy, uninformed, uneducated, ignorant response of calling me and others who point out racist behavior 'racist'? You know what you can do? [Extended silence.] I can't say that."

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