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Kylie Minogue Used to Get 'Out Kylied' at Gay Bar Kylie Nights

Kylie Minogue
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"I have been to Kylie nights since, and I am the least Kylie of all the Kylies, it's hilarious!"

Pop icon Kylie Minugue went on singer Jessie Ware's podcast Table Manners to talk about the "organic love affair" she's enjoyed with queer fans throughout her decasdes spanning career. While there she revealed that she used to go to Kylie Nights at gay bars and interact with fans dressed like her.

Ever since the Australian pop star burst onto the scene in the late '80s, gay fans haven't been able to get her out of our head, and we know the feelings are mutual. She's been a constant fighter for same-sex marriage and other LGBTQ+ issues throughout her entire career. On Table Manners she was able to talk more about the special connection she has with queer fans.

Minogue told Ware that she first found out about gay bars having Kylie Nights (where customers and performers dress up like the icon) around 1990. "I was in Sydney working," she said, "we were passing by Oxford street, where the most famous gay clubs are, and someone said 'Oh, there's a Kylie Night on tonight,' and I'd never heard of such a thing."

Of course, Minogue wanted to check it out, but her manager wouldn't let her go. But she didn't let that first time disappointment keep her down. "I have been to Kylie nights since," she continued, "and I am the least Kylie of all the Kylies, it's hilarious." She'll always be the number one Kylie in our hearts, though.

Kylie reminisced about one specific night in the mid '90s. "I ended up at this gay bar because it was Kylie night, and there's pictures of us, four Kylies -- big Kylies -- and then me, who just looks like I shouldn't be there," she laughed. If anyone has those photos, we ask for their immediate release so we can all collectively marvel at them.

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