Georgia man targeted because of pro-gay sticker

An Albany, Ga., man didn't find anything funny after someone apparently placed a "Gay and Proud" sticker on the rear window of his car. What Andy Coston did find was that after he gave an unidentified man a cigarette Tuesday, the man opened his car door and pointed a gun at his head. Coston said the man cursed at him and told him that gays are not allowed in his neighborhood. When Coston said he didn't understand, the man pointed toward the "Gay and Proud" bumper sticker. Explaining that the sticker was placed there without his knowledge, Coston sped away to keep the armed man from getting into his vehicle.

"I wasn't sure if he was going to shoot me, but I wasn't going to take a chance," Coston said.

The incident is an example of the threats to which gays are subjected routinely, said Allen Thornell, executive director of Georgia Equality. "The reality is, it happens on a daily basis somewhere in Georgia," he said.

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