Dutch cabinet
passes bill allowing adoption of foreign children by gay

The Dutch cabinet
on Friday passed a bill allowing gay couples to adopt
foreign children in the Netherlands, creating greater
equality with heterosexuals. The change in law also
scraps a three-year probation period for gay
stepparents to adopt, making it possible for a lesbian to
adopt immediately if her partner gives birth.
The adoption of Dutch children by gay couples
had been possible since same-sex marriage was
legalized in the Netherlands in September 2000—the
first country to do so—but cross-border adoption had
been excluded. Dutch justice minister Piet Hein Donner
reluctantly agreed to change legislation in March,
arguing that no country will allow a gay Dutch couple
to adopt a child anyhow.
Supporters say the move will remove hurdles for
children adopted by gays in general and resolve
serious inheritance and legal parenthood issues. The
text of the bill was sent to the government's leading
advisory body for review and was not made public. (AP)

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