ACLU alleges
abuse of young gay inmates

Saying widespread
abuse at a Hawaii juvenile prison is putting the lives
of gay prisoners at risk, the American Civil Liberties Union
has asked a federal court to order the mistreatment
stopped at once. The ACLU of Hawaii filed a
motion for a preliminary injunction, which asks
for immediate action in the midst of a case and
could force the Hawaii Youth Correctional
Facility to implement staff training and new policies
to ensure the safety of gay, lesbian, and transgender
inmates. The injunction request corresponds with a
permanent injunction the group is seeking on the

The ACLU's
complaint describes verbal, physical, and sexual torment of
LGBT prisoners by fellow inmates and correctional officers.
"When [the youths] turn to the administration, the
administration tells them they’re disgusting.
The only solution they can come up with is to put
these teenagers in isolation,” said Tamara Lange,
senior ACLU staff attorney. “[The
conditions] will drive LGBT kids to suicide or at
least try to kill themselves—the kids have no one to
turn to except the staff, which are part of the
problem, not part of the solution.” A hearing
on the preliminary injunction request is set for October 31.
(Neal Broverman,

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