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JK Rowling and Matt Walsh Bond Over Transphobia, Get Blasted Online 

JK Rowling and Matt Walsh Bond Over Transphobia, Get Blasted Online 

JK Rowling and Matt Walsh
JK Rowling and Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh's What Is a Woman? has been called out for its transphobic take on womanhood, however, Harry Potter creator JK Rowling lauded its discussion on gender.


Harry Potter creator JK Rowling has been called out for praising far-right commentator Matt Walsh's anti-trans film What Is a Woman? that has been making the social media rounds.

Walsh recently tweeted in disgust at singer Macy Gray for walking back the harmful comments about trans women in a recent interview with Piers Morgan. After initially suggesting that trans women aren't women in her in that interview, Gray has since said that trans women are who they are.

"I think it takes a lot of courage to be yourself, to go out in the world and be honest about who you are. And so I think anyone who is in the LGBT community is a hero and sets an example for all of us," Gray told the Today Show. "I said some things that didn't go over well, but my intention was never to hurt anybody. I feel bad that I did hurt some people."

She added, "Being a woman is a vibe, and it's something that I'm very proud of. And it's very precious to me and I think that if you, in your heart, feel that that's what you are, then that's what you are regardless of what anybody says or thinks."

Walsh said Gray's latest statements were a sign of "gutless cowardice."

"Sorry but women who publicly renounce the definition of 'woman' for fear of mean comments from trans activists deserve all the scorn they get. That kind of gutless cowardice is exactly what got us into this position in the first place," he tweeted.

Meanwhile, Rowling replied, "Endless death and rape threats, threats of loss of livelihood, employers targeted, physical harassment, family address posted online with [a] picture of bomb-making manual aren't 'mean comments.' If you don't yet understand what happens to women who stand up on this issue, back off."

Walsh then responded to Rowling that he's experienced such attacks and threats due to his recent transphobic documentary What Is a Woman? that has been roundly condemned for its depiction of trans women.

He added that he respected Rowling's "courage" in voicing her views, writing "But many people have simply caved to the demands of trans activists and completely surrendered truth and reality to them. The cowards are also villains in this story. They need to be held accountable."

While Rowling criticized Walsh's attack on Gray, she gave his film a solid rating.

"And your film did a good job exposing the incoherence of gender identity theory and some of the harms it's done. Many institutions I used to admire have uncritically embraced this dogma, but I reserve my ire for them rather than shouting 'coward' at individual women," Rowling wrote.

Twitter users slammed Rowling for the interaction and for praising Walsh's transphobic work.

Rowling has been outspoken over her TERF, an acronym for "trans-exclusionary radical feminist," views for several years now. Her comments against trans women have caused many Harry Potter film stars to distance themselves from the author and her views.

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