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Right-Wing Troll Matt Walsh’s Twitter Account & Phone Hacked

Right-Wing Troll Matt Walsh’s Twitter Account & Phone Hacked

Matt Walsh

Apparently somebody has access to the far-right radical’s private messages.

One of the internet’s most hateful anti-LGBTQ+ voices found himself on the receiving end of ridicule when somebody apparently hacked his social media and other accounts.

Matt Walsh’s Twitter account, which has more than 1.7 million followers, seemed to have been compromised on Tuesday night when someone posted bigoted messages including racism and homophobia. While the spirit of those messages is not out of the ordinary for Walsh, the content however was.

The hacker promoted a song called “Sassy Shooters” from an artist named “Gabriel <3,” which opens with the lyrics, “Put that dick in my a**,” Vice reports.

Walsh’s profile still displayed the song link as of Wednesday morning, despite the removal of half a dozen posts.

Walsh is best known for creating videos for Ben Shapiro’s conservative media company, Daily Wire. In addition to publicly threatening doctors caring for transgender individuals, Walsh has called the Pride flag a “hate symbol” and celebrated the thought of police officers beating drag queens.

Hackers appeared to compromise the account around 8 p.m. when tweets that didn’t seem to be authored in Walsh’s voice appeared online.

First, the hacker mentioned the song “I ain’t a Gangsta, I’m a Sassy Shoota.”

In subsequent tweets, the hacker targeted right-wing figures like Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan, and Andrew Tate.

In addition, the hacker pinned a tweet to Walsh’s profile saying: “My pronouns are That/N***a.”

A picture posted by the hacker on Walsh’s Twitter account suggests they have access to much more than just the account.

In a tweet, the hacker claimed, “My Twitter Isn’t Hacked, This is Just The Real Me Coming Out” along with a picture of an iPhone screen showing messages suggesting a hack or spoofing of Walsh’s phone number, according to Vice.

The picture shows a list of two-factor authentication messages for Google and Microsoft sent to the number. At the top of the messages was a text from somebody who wrote, “Your Twitter has been hacked.”

The hacker also suggested they had access to more of Walsh’s personal information thanks to his Google and Microsoft accounts and tweeted, “I’m leaking the DMs soon.”

Social media did its thing and mocked and celebrated the hack.

Trans activist and Harvard instructor Alejandra Caraballo, one of Walsh’s and others on the right frequent target, wrote, “Matt Walsh’s account has been hacked. Couldn’t have happened to a more miserable piece of shit.”

Ari Drennen, the LGBTQ+ program director for Media Matters, who is also frequently targeted by right-wing trolls for being a transgender woman, commented online about Walsh’s history of hateful behavior catching up with him in response to a tweet by another right-wing troll, Ben Shapiro, who claimed those on the left were dangerous.

“Over the past few months, my friend @mattwalshblog has been threatened to the extent that he’s had to have full-time security at his home to protect his family. Now he’s been hacked. The tolerant and diverse and kind crowd are celebrating, of course,” Shapiro wrote.

“It’s a weird feature of the attention economy that people like Matt Walsh can make millions of dollars saying stuff like this every single day and then cry victim when the people they’re saying this about turn out to resent it,” Drennen remarked.

Erin Reed, a transgender activist and journalist who also frequently sits at the receiving end of online attacks from right-wingers, simply wrote, “Oh my god, whoever hacked Matt Walsh better have got the DMs.”

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