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Transphobic Posters Debut in Gainesville Fla


The contentious issue of transgender rights in public restrooms won't go away in Gainesville, Fla. New transphobic posters related to an upcoming mayoral race have emerged recently on the city's streets, bringing the issue front and center for the third time in two years.

Yellow and black handbills declaring that mayoral candidate and current city commissioner Craig Lowe (pictured) is "Responsible' for legally allowing MEN in WOMEN'S RESTROOMS!" have been spotted on light poles. The posters include the "male restroom symbol holding hands with a smaller child-like female restroom symbol," reports

Lowe supported a 2008 city council-approved ordinance that allowed transgender people to use the restroom they feel comfortable in. An antitransgender effort to repeal that ordinance, suggesting grown men would swarm women's restrooms, was rejected by voters in 2009.

One Gainesville mayoral candidate, Don Marsh, has voiced support for repealing the now voter-approved ordinance and said he supports the message of the new posters.

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