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Dr. Laura Slams DADT

Dr. Laura Slams DADT

Dr. Laura Schlessinger has a reputation for being antigay, but the talk show host shocked listeners of her show Thursday by slamming the military’s flawed “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

Dr. Laura kicked off her show with a four-minute rant against the policy, saying “when someone wishes to volunteer for relatively low pay and high danger to protect you and me, I say, ‘Thank you and huzzah.’”

She continues, “This business of being concerned about whether or not a person is gay is utterly ridiculous, in my opinion. Homosexuals have served in our military since we’ve had our ragtag guys in the forest dealing with Indians in the British ...

“In my opinion, neither color nor sexual orientation should bar anyone from fighting for their country nor should it deter them from being part of the band of brothers.”

The talk-show host even goes so far as to debunk some of the myths antigay politicians use to argue for the continuation of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” She says gay men aren’t turned on by every straight man they see, and that straight guys who think they do should get their egos in check.

Dr. Laura came under fire in 2000 when she said she considered homosexuality to be a “biological error.” This year she announced she was quitting her radio show after being slammed for repeatedly using the n word on an episode.

She announced last week that she would begin a three-hour radio show on Sirius January 3.

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