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Gay Gamers: Fire Dragon Age 2 Writer

Gay Gamers: Fire Dragon Age 2 Writer


A gay gamer has launched a petition calling for the firing of the lead writer for the video game Dragon Age 2, saying he is perpetuating gay stereotypes.

Earlier this month, David Gaider penned an article defending same-sex romance options in video games, saying that while most gamers might be straight, "raw numbers don't give them any right to expect special treatment."

He was responding to a commenter who said he was sick of male characters hitting on him in the BioWare game.

But one gay gamer isn't happy with the way those gay romances are portrayed in the game, saying Gaider paints gay men as "unable to be normal people and think [about] nothing but sex."

He writes: "As a homosexual playing Dragon Age 2, I've witnessed the worst stereotype homosexual characters in this game. If you refused to make your moves on a gay character then you are received rivalry points for not wanting to be gay for the character," the petition states. "This is completely wrong, homosexuals do not approach people and force them to kiss us, the person that wrote this game should be fired for stereotyping homosexuals in such a disrespectful way, as well as creating the worst writing in characters, plot and everything else in DA2."

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