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Despite Slurs, Rapper Says He's Not Homophobic

Despite Slurs, Rapper Says He's Not Homophobic


Sara Quin, of music duo Tegan and Sara, is asking the music industry why the career of young rapper Tyler The Creator has skyrocketed among traditional and social media, despite his homophobic and misogynistic lyrics.

Quin wrote an open letter to the the music industry, asking why there's been so much praise for Tyler, whose first solo album Goblin features the language in question.

"If any of the bands whose records are held in similar esteem as Goblin had lyrics littered with rape fantasies and slurs, would they be labeled hate mongers? I realize I could ask that question of DOZENS of other artists, but is Tyler exempt because people are afraid of the backlash? The inevitable claim that detractors are being racist, or the brush-off that not "getting it" would indicate that you're "old" (or a faggot)? Because, the more I think about it, the more I think people don't actually want to go up against this particular bully because he's popular. Who sticks up for women and gay people now? It seems entirely uncool to do so in the indie rock world, and I'll argue that point with ANYONE."

Tyler responded Sunday on Twitter with, "If Tegan And Sara Need Some Hard Dick, Hit Me Up!"

In a profile published by The Guardian, the rapper, who sees his work akin to The Sex Pistols and The Doors, said he is offended to be called a homophobe.

"Somebody called me a homophobe," he said. "I'm not homophobic. I just say 'faggot' and use 'gay' as an adjective to describe stupid shit."

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