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I Advocate: A Few of Scott's Favorite Things ...

I Advocate: A Few of Scott's Favorite Things ...


...FCKH8 Campaign
Warning: the "F" word will be used. Using one of the most edgy, yet effective campaigns I've seen, FCKH8 targets the younger generation by taking advantage of the social media revolution to raise money for LGBT-related causes. Let's face it, teenagers use curse words. And by plastering the word "fuck" on trendy shirts and in viral videos, the campaign puts a sarcastic twist on a recognizable message that educates youth and adults alike that it's OK for you to gay. Their most recent video project -- "5 Reasons People Choose 2 B Gay" -- stars RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 winner Raja and tries to debunk the long "nature vs. nuture" myth.

"OMG! You get to be like, bullied and beaten at school!" the video says, "Why look popular when you can look forward to getting your teeth knocked out?" Of course, the only conclusion: "Why would anyone choose that?" Mission accomplished. See the video below.

FCKH8 will donate 10 cents for every Facebook "like" or Twitter tweet of the new video (up to $10,000) to, a project which will be giving away thousands of free "OK4U2BGAY" T-shirts to teens across America to help fight bullying and suicide in schools.

I admit, I hate paying for music. Spotify is a way to listen to whatever I want, share it with my friends, and not feel guilty. How is this legal you ask? Advertising. With the basic plan, which gives you 10 hours of listening time for free, for every hour of music you listen to, you have to sit through 90 seconds of ads. Hate the ads? Buy an "Unlimited" subscription for $4.99 per month. With a "Premium" plan ($9.99 per month), you can stream onto your smart phone, meaning access to essentially the world's music library right in your pocket. It's official... Spotify killed the radio star. ...Aveda Botanical Kinetics Skin Care
Spas smell the way they do for a reason. Olfactory marketing, I like to say. It's soothing, relaxing, and almost intoxicating from the moment you walk in. One day at the Beverly Center, the spa-like aroma of an Aveda shop drew me in. After testing some different skin care lines on my hand, and finally agreeing to a free face treatment, I left with a bag of the Botanical Kinetics skin care line and have been a loyal customer since. I'm not going to lie, their olfactory marketing worked on me, but the product keeps me going back. ...Shepard Fairey
Since the Obama campaign's famous "HOPE" poster, Shepard Fairey has become a household name. His use of propaganda-inspired art and social commentary has him named among the best known and most influential street artists of our time. Fairey, who is straight, is also a big proponent of gay rights and designs works inspired by the cause. I had the opportunity to meet with him a while back. During our conversation, I had casually mentioned a piece of his that I really loved, titled "Kiss Me Deadly." We had stayed in contact, and within a week, I had an original artists proof (i.e. very few exist) of "Kiss Me Deadly" signed by Fairey sitting on my desk. Now hanging in my home, it's one of my most treasured possessions. Making his work available to everyone, he sells prints very inexpensively on his website. But you have to act quickly; most sell out within a few weeks of being released.
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