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Okla. Politician Sally Kern: Gays Still Worse Than Terrorists

Okla. Politician Sally Kern: Gays Still Worse Than Terrorists


Finally leaving the Oklahoma legislature, Kern goes out with a bang.

Sally Kern, a proud Islamophobe, homophobe, transphobe, and racist, has served in the Oklahoma legislature since 2005. The Baptist Republican is finally term-limited out -- after being reelected six times -- but before she leaves office, she delivered one of the homophobic, transphobic rants she's well-known for.

Speaking uninterrupted on the Oklahoma House floor Wednesday, Kern said she stands by her 2008 remarks claiming that homosexuality was more of a threat than terrorism, comments she reiterated in 2011.

"Yes, in 2008 I did say that the homosexual agenda is worse than terrorism," Kern said Wednesday. "Now, we all know that terrorism destroys lives, property, and brings devastation. Just look at where we are today in our society. A man who feels like a woman can go into a ladies' restroom now. A florist, a baker, a photographer are being ruined financially because they wouldn't participate in a same-sex wedding, since it goes against their sincerely held religious beliefs. Same-sex marriage has been forced on every single state by the courts."

Kern also said that gays are recruiting children in schools and are trying to force churches to be punished for their antigay beliefs. As TheNew Civil Rights Movementpoints out, Kern offered no evidence to support her wild statements.

"I didn't apologize in 2008, and I don't apologize today either because God's word has not changed," she said. "Things are worse today than they were then, and I'm afraid they're going to just get worse."

Just last year, Kern introduced several anti-LGBT bills, which have yet to gain much traction -- one would allow businesses to discriminate against LGBT people, one would allow parents to send their children to "ex-gay" therapy without fear of punishment, and another would fire any state official who granted a same-sex couple a marriage license.

Previously, Kern has claimed African-Americans don't work as hard as other groups and said women don't make as much money as men because they have less initiative.

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