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It's All Our Fault! 10 Disasters the Gays Supposedly Caused


Northridge Earthquake, 1994
Pat Robertson said the 6.7 magnitude earthquake in Los Angeles County's San Fernando Valley, which caused about $25 billion in damage and 72 deaths, could be attributed to God's displeasure with gays and lesbians, pro-choice activists, and "perversity," he said according to a 1994 Advocate report.

Magic Kingdom   Gay DayX633

Hurricane Bonnie, 1998
Pat Robertson tried to pre-emptively blame gay revelers at Disney World's Gay Days Weekend for being the cause of the pending storm. However, when the storm approached the U.S. mainland, it completely missed Florida but hit the rest of the East Coast. One of the hardest-hit areas was Hampton Roads, Va., where Robertson's 700 Club is based.


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