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Religious leader
blames hurricane on gays

An antigay
activist group based in Philadelphia says that the disaster
wrought by Hurricane Katrina reflects God's judgment on New
Orleans for hosting the gay Southern Decadence party.
In a statement issued Wednesday, Repent America
described "homosexuals engaging in sex acts in the
public streets" at the annual event, which draws some
125,000 revelers to the Big Easy each Labor Day
weekend. "Although the loss of lives is deeply
saddening, this act of God destroyed a wicked city,"
said Repent America director Michael Marcavage. "May it
never be the same."

Marcavage is a
notorious foe of gays. He and three other Repent America
members were charged with felonies last year connected with
a demonstration they staged at Philadelphia's gay
pride observance. A judge dismissed all charges in

The head of the
predominantly gay Metropolitan Community Church responded
to Marcavage's assessment of the tragedy. The Reverend
Doctor Cindy Love said she doesn't believe God
punishes anyone with natural disasters. "I really
believe that the use of scripture in this way is an
affront to the life and love of Jesus Christ," she said.

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