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24 Trump-Fighting Charities That Need Your Dollars

In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, here are some organizations that have committed to fighting Donald Trump’s repressive and regressive policies.

01 Giving Tuesday

1. People for the American Way
This organization remains committed to one mission: equality in America. Focused on preserving the rights of the marginalized in court, the organization already warns of the disastrous consequences of a Trump Supreme Court. “With the addition of just two Trump justices, a Trump Supreme Court would have the votes to overrule the Court’s landmark ruling on equal marriage rights in the 5-4 Obergefell decision,” the organization notes. Since Trump appears to get a gimme justice on day one thanks to Senate obstruction of President Obama’s last appointee, PFAW is already getting ready for a confirmation fight.


02 Giving Tuesday

2. Human Rights Campaign
The biggest of all LGBT groups, HRC may not have been able to that other HRC into the White House, but it seems poised to plague Trump for the years he is there. This campaign not only lobbies for your rights — it grades the outcomes of policy on gender and sexual minorities as well as HIV-positive Americans. Already the organization has put out a handy Q&A on the rights that Trump can’t easily destroy (marriage equality) and the ones at critical risk (nondiscrimination protections for transgender people). 


03 Giving Tuesday

3. Planned Parenthood
Big star or not, Donald Trump can’t grab at your pussy without fighting Planned Parenthood first. This battle-word organization fended off assaults from Congress countless times in the past six years — and it’s only made the group tougher. After Trump’s election, Planned Parenthood launched it’s #WeWontGoBack campaign and promised to fight for reproductive rights (including abortion), universal health care, marriage equality, and LGBT rights. “We are the real majority,” reads a Planned Parenthood statement, “and we will show up and shut down any attempts to take away our rights, harm us and our loved ones, and jeopardize our future.”



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