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The Advocate Picks Its Phobie of the Year: Pat McCrory

04 Dan Patrick Phobie Treatement

Where there’s a Ken Paxton, there’s often a Dan Patrick close behind. The Texas lieutenant governor is a noted anti-LGBT figure on his own. But he likes to tag-team with Paxton. When a Texas justice of the peace insisted he didn’t have to marry same-sex couples, he cited a rationale handed down by Paxton at the request of Patrick. When Paxton told a school district it ought to out transgender students to their parents, it was because Patrick had sent a letter queuing him up for the legal opinion. But LGBT people might remember Patrick most for a tweet he posted in the moments immediately after news broke of the Pulse massacre. Patrick was shamed into deleting a tweet and claiming its timing was coincidental after writing, “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” 

Patrick has barely gotten started, though. He’s now advocating something called the Women’s Privacy and Business Protection Act, which bars transgender people from using  the women’s bathroom. Yes, he’s targeting only the women’s restroom because, he says, “men can defend themselves.”

Patrick will have to work on his fear mongering, as demonstrated by a major fail this year on Fox News in an interview with Megyn Kelly. He couldn’t answer a basic question about why anyone should be intolerant of transgender people merely existing.


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