Rachel Maddow Highlights Another Shocking Democratic Victory

Rachel Maddow

As seems to be a trend lately, another election in a deep red state was called for a Democrat.

As Rachel Maddow pointed out Tuesday, four Missouri state legislative seats were up for grabs in a special election. All of the seats are in districts that wen for DonaldTrump in the 2016 election, by margins ranging from 28 to 64 points. In one of those districts, House District 97, the race was called for Democrat Mike Revis. Despite District 97 going to Trump by 28 points in 2016, Revis captured 51.6 percent of the votes. Revis’s flip comes after the seat was held by a Republican for the last eight years.

This is the second election that showed a Democrat flipping a seat in 2018. In January, Democrat Patty Schachtner defeated Republican Adam Jarchow to snag a seat for Wisconsin’s Senate District 10, a seat previously held by a Republican.

Watch Maddow discuss the Missouri race below.

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