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A Small Group of 'Former' LGBTQ People Marched on Washington

Small Group of Ex-LGBTQs March On Washington

They say they are no longer queer, so nobody who is should get equal protection under the law.

More than a dozen individuals who claim to no longer identify as LGBTQ marched on Washington to lobby against equality.

The 15 individuals are members of Church United and the political group Changed, according to NBC News.

"Sexual behavior should not be a protected right," said Jim Domen, founder of Church United.

The group lobbied against passage of the Equality Act, a top priority of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They also argued against the Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act, which would define so-called conversion therapy as fraud in federal statute.

The anti-LGBTQ group argued that the Equality Act, which would provide workplace and housing protections for gender and sexual minorities, offers protection for discrimination that does not exist. "Changing the Civil Rights Act would create a super class for anyone identifying as LGBTQ at the expense of people who are not," Domen said.

It's unclear how they arrived to this conclusion since the protections in the Equality Act would stop any potential discrimination against heterosexual or cisgender people as well should such a thing ever occur.

LGBTQ rights organizations were dismissive of the "formers" movement.

"No one should be refused service, denied care or otherwise discriminated against because of their gender or sexuality," said Ryan Thoreson, an LGBTQ researcher at Human Rights Watch.

"This legislation affirms people's gender and sexual identities and provides clear protections for those who've been routinely discriminated against in health care and adoption services, education, housing, etc."

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