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Joe Biden Lays Out His Case to LGBTQ Voters at HRC Dinner


Former Vice President and current presidential candidate Joe Biden received a welcome reception on Saturday at the Human Rights Campaign's fundraising dinner in Columbus, Ohio.

Biden discussed admiration for HRC's departing CEO, Chad Griffin, before acknowledging Pride month and discussing how he went public with his support for marriage equality in 2012. 

"I had told [President Obama] I wasn't going to push things because we weren't there yet, but if I was asked I wasn't going to remain quiet," Biden said of his endorsement for marriage equality on Meet the Press

Biden then complimented the LGBTQ community on its efforts at changing public perception of queer issues, saying the battle is far from over. If elected president, Biden declared he would make passing the LGBTQ-inclusive Equality Act his first priority.

"We have to finish this work because it's the civil rights issue of our time," Biden said. Referencing the Trump administration's attacks on immigrants and LGBTQ people, Biden said, "It's wrong and it's immoral what they're doing."

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