In memoriam

In memoriam

Jan. 25:
Philip Johnson, 98, a highly regarded, openly gay
architect who set design trends for much of the 20th
century, dies at his famous Glass House in New Canaan,

March 16:
Wanda Alston, 45, a prominent gay rights activist
and high-ranking member of Washington, D.C., mayor
Anthony A. Williams’s cabinet, is stabbed to
death in her apartment by a neighbor looking for money
to buy crack cocaine.

April 9:
Andrea Dworkin, 58, a lesbian and radical
feminist known for her campaigns against pornography,
dies of unspecified causes at her home in Washington,

May 25: Ismail
68, an out film producer known for the
highly acclaimed period dramas he made with his partner,
James Ivory, dies of complications from stomach
surgery at a London hospital.

June 4: Jean
57, a prominent gay rights activist who
helped launch National Coming Out Day and in 1977 organized
the first White House meeting of gay rights leaders,
succumbs to lung cancer at her partner’s home
in San Clemente, Calif.

July 1: Luther
54, a Grammy Award–winning R&B
singer whose homosexuality was a known secret in the
recording industry, dies of a heart attack at a New
Jersey hospital.

Oct. 9: LeRoy
36, a prominent AIDS activist and
columnist, dies of AIDS-related complications at a New York
City hospital.

Nov. 26:
Pierre Seel, 82, the last known surviving French
gay victim of the Nazi concentration camps—who
recounted his arrest and torture for being gay, in the
1994 autobiography Moi, Pierre Seel, Déporté
Homosexual and in the 2000 documentary Paragraph
175—dies of cancer in Paris.

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